How much it costs to design a Website in Kenya.

Web design company in Nairobi Kenya

What type of website do you need?

We always advise you that before you begin estimating the website cost in Kenya, you’ll need to decide what type of website you need for your venture or business. The common types of websites you can consider include Basic websites (brochure-type), Small business websites, eCommerce websites, and Corporate websites and many more based on your business.

Type of Website Features Website Cost in Kenya
Landing Page Website/
Single paged Websites
• 1 – 3 responsive pages
• Contact page
• Landing Page
Ksh 10,000 – Ksh 20,000
Small Business Website/
Start up Company Websites
• Several pages
• Social Media Integration
• Google My Business Page
• Google Analytics
Ksh 18,000 – Ksh 30,000
Ecommerce Website/
Online Shop websites
• Ecommerce Tools
• Order Management System
• Live Chat
• Delivery Solutions
• Payment Integration
Ksh 30,000 – Ksh 70,000
Corporate Website • Advanced functionality
• Unlimited Subpages
• Bespoke design
• Database Population
• CRM Integration
Ksh 40,000 – Ksh 90,000


Ways of Building a Website in Kenya

To create a website, you can decide to do everything yourself using web builders or hire a web designer in Kenya. Each option has its pros and cons, and we will discuss them below:

1: Do Everything Yourself Using Web Builders

Creating a website using a web builder will help you cut the cost of hiring a professional web designer. Web builders provide you with tools that help you build an attractive website quickly and efficiently. You will have a live website in a matter of hours. All the technical stuff is taken care of, and you don’t need to learn how to code. You simply drag and drop elements to create what you want.

Website builders are low in cost, and most of them have a free version of their product. These free versions will allow you to create very basic websites. But to build a professional-looking website, it’s good to upgrade to a premium plan which offers greater customization and more features.

2: Hire A Web Designer in Kenya

Professional web designers are experienced and reliable. They have perfected the art of website creation and will create professional websites for you with all the functionality you need. Hiring a web designer in Kenya will be the best option if you need a website but lack skills or the time to create yourself.

When choosing a web designer in Kenya, you can decide to work with an agency or an individual freelancer. A freelancer will give you a more personalized service, but you will need to make a little research online. An agency will have a broad range of experience and will provide a quote for the whole project.

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